Basics The chapters of the old website were reviewed,
reduced to relevant points and ordered by subject.
Here at first some basic, nevertheless important aspects.
05.01. Flight through Nothing,
Structure within Chaos
Definition of heat and density, motions within gases,
merging of gases, order of flows.
05.02. Three Times Suction - Effects The ´void´ within gases, the effect of suction, static and dynamic pressure,
the bending of flows, hurricanes and tornados
05.03. Potential-Twist-Pipe This example demonstrates, how flows (here within pipes) are analysed exactly
and how solutions much more effective are deduced -
with minimum efforts and remarkable advantages.
05.13. Explosion / Implosion Viktor Schauberger often criticized the common ´explosion-technologies´.
Here are explained manyfold advantages when prevailingly using suction-effects.
06.04. Suction- and Pressure-Blades The flow within a pump should be generated exclusive by suction.
Opposite, within a turbine all fluid must be rejected at pressure-faces.
06.07. Acceleration by Nozzles Only by special design of nozzles, the flows become accelerated,
at the ´Laval-Nozzles´ even above sound speed.

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