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No ´solid´ materia nor particles are really existing but only one single basic-substance is really given. Some motion-pattern of that aether represent physical appearances, other pattern represent mental-spiritual content. Properties of that gapless plasma and its motions are discussed here.     more ...
Today´s technology only transfers energy of one shape into another shape - with known inevitable losses. Energy-surplus can not be ´produced´, however increased benefit is feasible - without consumption of the source of energy. Multiple possibilities for using given energies are shown here.     more ...
Update last at 01. April 2015 / 01. May 2015
News  @  Evert New BUOYANCY POWER STATIONS now deliver clear energy surplus.
New chapters deliver the APPROVAL for that FREE ENERGY.

At new website WWW.AETHER-PHYSICS.EU the chapters of these findings were reorganized.
Most OUTSTANDING RESULTS are documented brief and clear.

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The buoyancy power stations now are a real chance for using Free Energy. Here, the effects are discussed by four chapters:

Flexible Buoyancy Power Station
with comprehensive description of gravity and diverse constructional elements of these machines
Buoyancy Power Stations - Perpetuum Mobile of Fourth Kind
with the general solution for usage of Free Energy - and theoretic approval why these machines naturally are working
Buoyancy Power Stations - how and why they work
common counter-arguments are refuted, inclusive outlook to further development
Perpetuum Mobile of Forth Kind
Already in 2002 the PM 3.Kind was deduced from experiences with rotor-systems (today merely relevant).
PM 4.Kind however is a generally valid ´law´ for usage of Free Energy. Based on these rules, machines also at other subjects of physics can be constructed - with energy-surplus guarantee.

Aether - Physics
and - Philosophy
Unique theory understanding ether as real substance and real plasma-continuum.
Also available in shape of Books
especially to Something Moving and Dancing Satellites.
Something Moving At part 08. of Aether-Physics, that hypothesis is proved by hundred ´phenomena´ with precise definition of the aether and exact description of vortices-pattern. Also available as Book.
These parts 05. to 07. show important findings for fluid-flows, e.g. concerning lift-force at wings, explosion and implosion, suction and pressure, Viktor Schauberger, diverse additional effects. Deduced are conceptions for ´surplus-benefit-machines´ (the later the better).
Aether-Electro-Technics At present, I am working at that part 09. The appearances of electricity are interpreted as special motion-pattern of the aether within the aether. Finally current could be generated simply by useful organisation of aether-movements.
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History of that Website
Since fifty years, I was working for data-processing. Sixty semesters, I did teach the computer sciences, especially the techniques of systems analysis and system design, data bases and programming. Since the start of ´WWW´ naturally also the website-design and -coding was an essential task.

Before hundred thousand de.-domains existed in Germany, my private website was running at the web. At these early times, the authors of a subject mostly knew each other personally, e.g. by meetings or international congresses. Ring-shaped connections were build by link-exchange, e.g. like here via page External Links.

At the turn of century, already some million domains existed all around the globe with most different subjects. At my section, was somehow exemplary and achieved two awards. As the structure and style still is unchanged, my website now appears somehow antiquated.

In 2012 now exist about 15 million de.-domains. Worldwide exists an immense mass of data, practically to all items. Nevertheless, the search-engines offer asked information immediately. Also inside of websites one can find relevant pages, e.g. when searching for ´´ or ´´ or ´´.

Parallel to the increasing data abundance, the extent of nonsense did rise up. That´s quite natural because the score-rate of thinking-efforts is fifty-fifty at its best (as every programmer well knows). Also at sciences a theory might be conclusive, nevertheless totally wrong because the presumptions won´t fit or additional conditions are neglected. Champions for example are the astronomers: they calculate exactly up to millions of light-years - however 95 % of their matter of investigation remains obscure ´dark matter or strange energies´. Modern technologies deliver well functioning systems - which are absolutely idiotic when destroying resources irretrievable. At every subject of physics exist ´phenomena´ contradicting the main-stream doctrines (mostly not spoken about). So up to now, the common understanding of physical basics does not really match the reality.

The story of that website is documented by page News@Evert. Over the years, the website increased up to 40 million ´handmade´ bytes and pixels - and according to the web, at least the half should be pure nonsense. Actually I made a restriction by section Best@Evert in 2004. However I really should ´put in order my own house´ first and sweep-off all unsuitable rubbish. The page Index/Sitemap shows the complete chaos of diverse subjects and appendix to addenda etc. etc. - where at least 95 % should be deleted.

Important Remark
There are two reasons to leave these chapters as it is: first, everybody might see how incompetent I was with these early attempts - opposite to the strict logic of totally new ideas concerning the aether. Second, there are lots of handcrafts and private inventors, who still are searching for the ultimate ´perpetuum mobile´. They find some of their own considerations and some inspiration at my website. Nevertheless I must clearly state: it won´t work that way! At least the presented conceptions about rotor- and gravity-systems are useless because born by wishful thinking.

At these early times one tried to earn usable Free Energy by rotor-systems. It did not function because the lever-arm-laws are too rigid. Even huge forces come up at unbalanced rotors, demanding few energy-input, nobody was able to transform the forces into turning momentum. For me, these experiences were valuable for understanding the phenomena of ´materia inherent appearance of mass and inertia´. Up to 2001, I developed a first Aether-Continuum-Theory - which was consequently improved to upside Aether-Physics and -Philosophy.

At these early years and up to now, many explorers try to solve the ´Bessler-riddle´: just 300 years ago that Johann Bessler alias Orffyreus presented different wheels, which autonomous were turning continuously and even could drive a load. I contributed many analysis and conceptions for such gravity-machines - however most of were pure wish-thinking. Nevertheless some of my considerations might be interesting, e.g. the insights of ´Remote-Viewing´. However again I must state clearly: it won´t work that way! These experiences were valuable for me only for the awareness of gravity-miracle - resulting totally new understanding much later, as you may study at chapters of Something Moving.

My research for Free Energy was especially based on Viktor Schauberger. So I investigated flow processes within pipes, within machines and vehicles in shape of precise patent-description. Already that early Fluid-Technology shows really usable ideas. Once more precise the motion processes (as preliminary exercise for most complex motion-pattern inside the gapless aether) are repeated at the Aether-Physics, e.g. at part 05. Particle-Movement ff.. I am absolutely convinced, suitable organization of fluid-movements can generate an energy-surplus. For example the normal molecular movements can be transferred into ordered flows by few input of power - like e.g. any sail or wing represents a ´surplus-benefit-machine´.

Reserved to these remarks, at the following these early chapters are listed.

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Early Attempts Gravity- and Rotor-Systems, Fluid-Technology
Perpetuum Mobile Remark: these conception proposals are not suitable
Energy by Gravity Forces Documenting principles for construction of Bessler-Wheels, e.g. based on Bruce DePalma´s Spinning-Balls
Perpetuum Mobile Essentials, Remote Viewing, Mechanical Oscillator, Wheels at Tracks moved, etc.
- Consequences Mechanical Oscillators, Don Martin and Edge-Ring-Generator, Schauberger and Edge-Ring-Turbine
- Appendix Rhönrad-Motor, Moon-Gears, general principles for using Free Energy (PM 3.+4.Kind), Resonance-Turbine and Electrostatic-Generator
- Gravity-Machines Buckle- and Double-Connecting Rod, Fall-Curves, Remote-Viewing
Rotor Remark: these conception proposals are not suitable
Introduction Some remarks to rotor-pages of that website
Summary Some brief information of topics of these rotor-pages
Physics of slinging Comprehensive description of essential effects
Crop-Circles Analysis to rotor-systems and ´Three Halfmoons´
Sling and swing Further considerations for solutions
Würth-Rotor-Systems Descriptions 1998 / 99 concerning Würth machines (only in German)
Appendix Rotor-TechnologyDevelopment since 2000, e.g. concerning Bessler-Wheel
Problems Know effects of fluid-flows, explanation, approach
Inventions Topics of inventions, principles of constructional elements
Download Texts and pictures available for download
Details Table of content and brief description of inventions
Projects Proposals for most interesting machines, only in German
Wind- and Water-Power Criteria for better usage of wind-power, only in German
Appendix Fluid-Technology Pneumatic Water-Turbine, Backstroke- and Pulse-Turbine

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Basic-Substance   Aether


About two thousand authors are talking about the aether at the web. Nearby all assume, at the one hand would exist any ´materia´ and at the other hand would exist any aether anyhow between. Nearby no author defines the properties of both items exactly. Quite different is my assumption: only one real substance exists, called the aether. All aether of the universe is steady swinging by Universal Motion at quant-small tracks, resulting of overlaying of radiations from all directions of the space.

Potential-Vortex-Cloud Local limited swinging motions occur at more coarse tracks, which in principle show the pattern of a ´Potential-Vortex-Cloud´, e.g. in shape of galaxies, sun-systems or electrons. This vortex-pattern is described first time here. It´s contrary to mechanical movement e.g. of a wheel: the aether is swinging most intensive at the centre and decreasing to the rim - swinging all around and into all three dimensions same time. Depending on the character of a local motion-pattern, diverse occurrences are represented like the ´coarse matter´ of atoms or physical ´fields´ or radiation etc.

Aether is a real plasma-continuum, thus gapless and undividable (unique properties, because this substance is the unique matter). Based at these facts, highly limited possibilities for motions exist, which are reason for compelling nature laws, e.g. right-angled effects of electromagnetic appearances.

There are also ´fine-matter´ Potential-Vortex-Clouds, which represent mental-spiritual content. These are also really manifested like physical occurrences, both by movements of same real matter of aether. These vortices of ´high vibrations´ can multiple overlay and affect morphogenetic (analogue Sheldrake).

This view of ether allows to explain many phenomena based at real motion´s processes (instead of common pure abstract hypotheses). This aether is medium for materia and spirit same time, both are appearances of vortex-structures only of different ´frequencies´.

So quite real and absolutely direct ´everything is bound to anything´. New ethic (of age-old values) results inevitably by this world-view. This new view of world is described at Aether-Physics and -Philosophy of this website (and permanently updated).

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Present-day technologies transfer energy only from one shape to an other shape and thus are bound to limitation of energy-constant. No additional energy can ever be ´produced´, however energies practically are ´destroyed´ e.g. by worthless waste-heat. That´s also valid for technologies using ´regenerative energy-sources´. So never can exist a ´Perpetuum Mobile´ and efficiency of all machines is smaller than hundred percent.

Evert-Rhönrad At the other hand machines are available which achieve benefits e.g. three times higher than demanded energy input. Any heat-pump produces surplus-heat (or usable coldness) from ´worthless and free-of-charge´ environmental heat. Discussions about Perpetuum Mobile are fixed at - impossible - generation of energy-surplus. The only aim however must be to achieve a surplus of usable benefits - opposite to common machines with their usual ´energy-losses´.

Despite of that discussion, there were and are countless ´inventions´ of Perpetuum Mobile. A man named Bessler for example did show several self-running wheels three hundred years ago. Many inventors did try to solve his secrete and to build an autonomous running engine by pure mechanics. I also made multiple proposals for construction of Bessler-Wheel, partly based on crop-circle pictures or even based on Remote-Viewing. However the laws of mechanics are too strong, so also my suggestions for rotor-/gravity-systems are only worthless wishful thinking.

Evert Electrostatic-Generator Nevertheless, already at these considerations I found basic principle how to use side-effects like defined by ´Perpetuum Mobile Third and Forth Kind´: at nature exist equalities, which are easy to disturb. If disturbance is stopped, system ´by itself´ falls back into state of equality - and that act represents Free Energy. Good example might be that ´Electrostatic-Generator´ (which will be shown by much better solution at the new Aether-Electro-Technics). At all sections of physics analogue usage of such side-effects should be possible - without consumption of original energies.

That possibility exists by guarantee at fluid-machines (like already the famous nature-scientist Viktor Schauberger demonstrated eighty years ago). Within liquids and gases exist chaotic molecular movements, which easy can be transferred into ordered flows (e.g. along bended faces at sails or by any wing). Resulting pressure-differences or the kinetic energy of the flow are usable. Already in 1998 I described how fluid is guided through pipes best possible, how solid bodies ideal fly or swim through fluids and how flow-machines should be designed optimal. There one still can find most usable ideas.

Ten years later I developed my Aether-Physics, where - like merely no other explorer - I assume that universal medium to be a gapless plasma. Within that part-less substance the movement-possibilities are restricted by rather complex pattern. For easier understanding I wanted to build simple examples from well known ´particle-world´ - resulting a new fluid-technology of totally new quality.

Actually I am working at new Aether-Electro-Technics. It seems strange for a layman to investigate that subject. The electric and electronic works without problems bases on known laws - even nobody really knows, how an electron or an electric field really functions. In my opinion, these appearances are motion-pattern of the aether within the aether. If one would get a better understanding of that background, processes more effective could be organized. For example the great Tesla did drive a car without using common energy sources. Dozens of other inventors developed autonomous working machines - and as a rule became ´silent´ if the demonstrations were too perfect.

Times have changed, resources are running off, so it´s high time for free available Free Energy. I can not offer a complete solution, nevertheless one might find most suitable suggestions at my website and specialists well could develop suitable machines based at these ideas.

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