Alfred Evert 20.05.2004

03.12. Summary Local Aethermovement

This third part of Aether-Physics and -Philosophy was written in 2003/2004. In retrospect, 2015, it“s most astonishing so much important aspects were already mentioned - and each of these points of view were confirmed at later part 08. “Something Moving“. So that part 03. prepared the ground for later intensive researches.

However, these early papers show one grave mistake: there is not only that unique possibility of “Potential-Vortex-Clouds“ for local motions within the aether (as claimed here) - but unlimited possibilities of local pattern (as detected later).

That fault is intelligible in retrospect: it was a bold proclamation to name that gapless aether the primary matter of all being. Based on philosophic and science-theoretic considerations this claim was a simple logic impelling deduction (like shown at first and second part). However it was hard work for months to search for a possibility for motions within that “monolith“. Finally I found one single pattern in shape of that Potential-Vortex-Cloud. Naturally it would fit at its best, if that unique aether would allow only one unique motion pattern.

So at following chapters this was stated as an “ultimate wisdom“. Years later I found additional possibilities for local pattern - until finally resulted a real typology of local motion pattern. Nevertheless for many readers, these preparatory works of third part might be an interesting introduction to this demanding subject of primary matter. 

03.01. Basics and Objectives Aether-Physics and -Philosophy