Alfred Evert 2003-03-07

02.05. No Standing Waves

Physicians often abandon concrete explanations of physical occurrences (for example of electric respective magnetic forces or gravity) and work with ´dummy-term´ of fields. Nevertheless, the forces of fields are calculable by known formula (and so far the abstract term is useful), however the essence resp. the real background of these occurrences remain unexplained.

As a ´blackbox´ even less precisely defined, often is used term of ´standing waves´. For example, electromagnetic waves are described as existing of fields, above this however and in addition a ´standing´ wave demand certain prerequisites (mostly not defined or not spoken about).

Technical Application
Standing waves technically are used in many applications, effects were achieved, which otherwise wouldn´t be possible. However, the installation and continuance and usage of standing waves are bound to very narrow parameters.

At picture 02.05.01 schematically is shown as an example, how three waves could be build up standing ´in space´. Inevitably necessary is the arrangement of mirror surfaces (black vertical lines) exactly positioned corresponding to the wave length. If the distance is a multiple of the wave length, ´standing nodes´ come up (like at this picture). If the distance is an odd multiple of the half wave length, the wave is mirrored completely. Above this it´s absolutely necessary, the mirror surfaces are exactly right angled to spreading direction of the waves.

So standing waves can exist only by directed radiation of a certain frequency in relation to exactly adjusted mirror surfaces. If these conditions are not given, no standing wave will result but just normal jumbled reception (German ´Wellensalat´ which means ´wave´s salad´). Concerning the technical realisation, these demands are fulfilled without problems by many units (i.e. at systems more or less closed) and the wanted effects are achieved.

Natural Realities
However, standing waves meanwhile are also assumed to be responsible for occurrences within the ´free nature´, i.e. within open systems respective at no laboratory-like conditions or at circumstances not fixed by mechanical equipments.

For example, some explorers assume standing waves as source of gravity. Other physicians assume the electrons around the atom nucleus being standing waves. Lastly, the (unsuitable) theory of global scaling was based on the existence of standing waves within whole universe. There are more ideas of other scientists, assuming standing waves as source of many occurrences.

In my opinion, many of these considerations don´t care about demanded prerequisites (transmitter, frequency, spreading direction, mirror surface). For example, at wide space these prerequisites merely exist (wandering transmitters, irregular frequencies, distorted spreading, meanwhile reflected radiation, not resting or not right angled mirror surfaces etc.).

So standing waves of natural sources can not exist within the aether of the universe wide space and especially not near to celestial bodies. Nevertheless all technically used standing waves naturally are lastly based on aether movements.

Mirrored by Nothing
Just this problem of mirroring demonstrates the confusion of understanding. At the one hand one thinks by abstract fields, on the other hand one assumes ideas of mechanics (by inadmissible analogy). So there is assumed on and on (or even unspoken), waves could be mirrored at ´diluted areas´.

Most simple mechanical example of a waves can be build by a rope. Swinging movements by the hand are done at the front end of the rope, while the rear end is fixed at a wall. It´s quie easy to produce standing nodes.

This picture of a wave (by some skill) is also to achieve, if the rear end is loose. The wave runs through the rope - however it does not come back by mirroring, but because the hand at the frontside end affects a remarkable pulling forces. If also the front end would be loose, the wave would run out of the rope at the rear end and never ever would come up standing nodes.

So it´s only the stability of the rope and the pulling hand, that makes the wave run back again, even the rear end is a ´vacuum´. At (electromagnetic) waves of abstract fields however is just negated any medium would be involved (capable to take pulling forces). This mixing-up of abstract terms (inclusive negating a concrete medium) and experiences of the mechanical world (with only partly fitting analogy) inevitably results insufficient understanding.

Demanded conditions for building up stable existence of standing waves, thus at the universe are not given. The following chapters however will show an alternative ´standing wave´ omnipresent without spreading nor mirroring.

02.06. Spiralclusters Aether-Physics and -Philosophy